Seeds | Cayenne Hot Pepper Garden
Seeds | Cayenne Hot Pepper Garden
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Seeds | Cayenne Hot Pepper Garden

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Heat develops early in these peppers, so they can be used as soon as they are 1" long, but will grow up to 6" long.  Add a fresh pepper to some homemade salsa, stir fry, curry, and any other dish that needs a kick!

* germination can be tricky with these peppers, so be sure to be patient and attentive.

* start indoors 8 weeks before last frost. 

* keep soil as warm as possible. Seedling heating mats speed germination.

* gradually move outside so prevent shock. 

* day to maturity: 70-80

Packet contains 500mg of gmo free seeds. All packets are handmade with a thick card stock for a chic look and feel. Some natural variation might occur. 

• Seeds from the United States