Our Purpose

The Agorá Co., home and lifestyle brand, was established in 2018 by owner, Nicole Bailey. As her passion grew for her family, traveling, decorating, and gardening, Nicole became inspired to offer creative family oriented people with a curiosity for decorating and gardening an opportunity to have an experience while shopping thoughtfully curated products to help enhance their indoor and outdoor lifestyle that invited family and friends to get together. 

Daily operations are managed in Maryland. However, our products are sold exclusively online but shipped throughout United States and Canada. In order to provide customers with quality products and exceptional customer service, The Agorá Co. is intentional about hiring staff that are multigenerational experts. By doing this, we are able to cultivate an environment that embraces traditions while building a better future for authentic home living


Our Philosophy

A home is meant to be a place where lives are authentically lived, hearts are transformed and memories are made. 

  Our Mantra 

Gather & Grow