About Us


   About Us

The Agorá Co., was established in 2018 by owner, Nicole Bailey. Her passion  for family, gathering, gardening, and decor is the foundation for which the company was founded upon. However, her love for Christ is what steers the company. 

Nicole remembers her grandparents keeping a backyard garden at their city home in Baltimore, Maryland, which allowed family members to harvest fresh vegetables for years. Collard greens picked and cooked by her grandmother was a favorite at Summertime and holiday gatherings. The simplicity of her grandparents life taught her the importance of family, hard work, gardening, gathering, and passing on traditions.



The purpose of the company is to provide home decor pieces and gardening items that inspire people to create welcoming home spaces for family and friends to gather and grow.



A home is meant to be a place where lives are authentically lived, hearts are transformed and memories are made. 


   Our Mantra 

  Gather & Grow